Mark Aquilano
Subject Expert Teacher
[email protected]

Building/Department Assignments:
BASIS Chandler - BASIS Chandler Teachers

Biographical Information:
Subject(s) teaching: Spanish
Degrees(s) Earned: Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance, University of Arizona; Bachelor of Arts, Masters in Arts, and Ph.D. in Spanish Literature, University of Arizona.
Relevant Experience: Fluent in Italian as well as Spanish. He has been teaching Spanish since 2005, as a graduate student at the University of Arizona and in visiting professor positions at the University of Arkansas (2011-2014) and Arizona State University (2014-2015), teaching all levels of Spanish language, literature and culture, from first semester language courses to doctoral seminars in Medieval Spanish literature.
Hobbies/ Interests: Dr. Aquilano enjoys classical music - hearing concerts, singing in choirs and playing the piano -- reading for pleasure and participating in activities in his church community. He was an active hiker in the past and enjoyed a few wonderful hikes in Arkansas.

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